The End of Facebook

    Beginning Monday, I will be canceling and deleting my Facebook account in light of Facebook's left wing stance and censorship of conservative voices. You who know me know how to get a hold of me. I know without repentance from the national sins of abortion, atheism/paganism, witchcraft, and Marxism/Socialism the country is doomed to judgement. Woe to America. Without repentance from dead works and faith toward God through Jesus Christ's death on the cross every individual is dooming themselves to eternity with Satan and his angels. Woe to those who don't know Jesus Christ as their LORD and SAVIOR. It may be too late for the country, but it is not too late for you if you don't know Jesus. He loves you and wants to set you free from sin and coming eternal judgement. Read the 10 Commandments and know you need to be set free and saved from your sins.


    For the country: Yes, according to the evidance presented by the Texas Law Suit, the election was stolen from President Trump and a number of other conservative candidates through election fraud and corruption. No, I do not accept Biden as president, nor will I ever. While the evidence bears this out, the corrupt judiciary, plenty of phony representatives, and main stream media have failed the people from getting to the truth. The breach into the Capitol Building was criminal, but there were much bigger criminals inside. Biden is a criminal, and so is his party. However, based on what has been going on with the Republican establishment, and their complete abandonment of election integrity, they are just as guilty. As I say on my website www.thekingdomparadigm.com , the left/right paradigm is a RUSE, a disguise, a phony system created to seduce the public into thinking you might have someone in office that is on your "side". The fact is most of them are not, they are on the side of their corporate sponsors, foreign investors, gift giving lobbyists, and the military industrial complex. It is time for true patriots who love GOD and country to stand and fight as peacefully as possible for the core liberties that made our country great. Whether we like it or not, war is upon us.




    God Bless those who love Him, and have mercy on our nation.

    In the future look for me on www.parler.com and The Kingdom Paradigm website.


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